Jan 29, 2020 · Share and Folder Access Monitoring Software "10-Strike Connection Monitor" monitors remote users' connections and their access to shares, shared folders, and files, records all sessions to a log file. The program generates screen, sound, and e-mail notifications on connections. Monitor file and folder access, log file deletion and creation.
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To not send the Folder Transfer Result Report, press [Do not E-mail], and then press [OK]. Press the Destination key of the e-mail address for notification, and then press [OK] . Check the selected destination, and then press [OK] .
get notified whendocument is uploaded into a folder in google drive HI im looking to be able to share a folder with someone and that the person that im sharing it with should get notified if i upload a document to that folder is that currently possible ?
Detect when files or folders change with .NET's FileSystemWatcher Detect when a file or folder changes with VB.NET This is the .NET equivalent of my VB6 Folder Spy program.

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Set the ‘From’ name and email address for the sender. Email Templates ↑ Back to top. This section lets you customize WooCommerce emails. Header Image Enter the URL of an image you want to show in the email header. You can upload an image via the Add Media button or Media > Add New. Email and Text. Base Color – Color for WooCommerce email templates.
Hi, I think outlook doesn’t show notification for mails which goes to subfolder neither folder shows count including subfolders. Alternately you can click on Mail in left side pane and you can see an option name “Unread Mails” in Favorite Folders which gives you all unread mails and total count from whole mailbox.
Dec 16, 2015 · What did work for me is: closed outlook completely, unpinned the tile, send my self a email from another account, when i got the mail I didn't read it, I pinned the outlook app again, the app showed 1 unread email(the one i send to myself) opened the app read the email and the unread notification was gone.

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My concern is to monitor who, what and when a certain file/s was deleted in a shared folder inside a domain controlled invironment. I have done the above instruction with the CPU that has the shared folder (local) and tried it by copying and deleting files inside the monitored shared folder from a remote CPU with an iterval of 10 sec from copying to deleting.

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